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Death Note Episode 9 — Encounter

Published November 13, 2011
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L's suspicions are momentarily subdued, although he still hints that Light may in fact be Kira. At the college entrance exams Light notices a mysterious and eccentric person staring at him. It is L pretending to be a student and who is sitting and observing Light's actions. L has now taken on the name Hideki Ryuga, the same name as a famous idol. Light is then shocked at the fact that L introduces himself using this name and his own very discreetly. It would be too suspicious for L to die after meeting Light, so he decides to befriend L and plan his death at a later time. After panicking and feeling humiliated when he gets home, Light decides this is the best course of action to take for now and to get closer to L would mean he could gather more information into the true identity of L and keep a closer eye on the police.