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Death Note Episode 6 — Unravelling

Published November 13, 2011
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In an effort to repair his relations with the Japanese police, L organizes a private meeting with the remaining detectives who want to work on the Kira case and hopes to do so in secret until Kira is captured. L berates the detectives for showing him their ID cards, pointing out he could've killed them were he Kira. They have to turn their phones off and not write anything down. They are to call him Ryuzaki instead of L. He advises against hiding criminals' names due to Kira's childishness (he might attack civilians) and suggests using the media to exaggerate the size of the anti-Kira task force. He steadily reveals his thoughts with frightening accuracy about the identity of Kira following the murders of the FBI agents and pinpoints who the federal agents were tracking in that period. L admits he is losing presently because he has shown his face but declares he will win in the end. Meanwhile Light Yagami coincidentally meets Raye Penber's wife, and the two talk about the Kira case. He soon comes to realize that the woman is Penber's fiancée. Convinced that it is his destiny to use the Death Note to create a better world, Light is euphoric at the realization he has come into contact with the very person who can possibly get him caught. Light has recently been taking a page of the Death Note with him wherever he goes in case he needs it. He begins to formulate a plan to get rid of her. He gets her name, which is Maki-san (Ryuk laughs at this). Light is horrified that she has worked out Kira can kill by means other than heart attacks; she realizes the busjacker was under Kira's control.