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Death Note Episode 5 — Tactics

Published November 13, 2011
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After successfully getting information on the FBI agent, Light Yagami waits one week before he decides to kill Raye Penber. It is on December 27 that Light enters a crowded underground shopping center with Ryuk at his side. Light's plan starts when he gets behind the agent and introduces himself as Kira. Afterward he gives Raye an envelope, and walks off to board a train discretely. He has Raye get on the same train and forces him to write down all the other agents' names on a portion of the Death Note. Raye leaves the train without the envelope and dies in front of Light. With the murder of the 12 FBI agents in Japan, the Japanese police begin to distrust L's motives while the fiancée of Raye Penber, a former FBI agent, begins to grieve and seek out Kira in revenge. The American President pulls the FBI out of the Kira case. L's answer to the police's suspicions is to invite the team to his hotel room. Light ponders his next move, sure he has made a mistake. L ponders the latest message from a prisoner: "L, did you know Death gods love apples?" When Light's father, the chief, tells his family he is heading the Kira case, Light says he is proud of him and that he will capture Kira if his dad dies.