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Death Note Episode 2 — Confrontation

Published November 8, 2011
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Light sits in English class while the other students talk between themselves. He is seen secretly writing in the Death Note. Light walks ahead and Ryuk meets up with him. In the school yard, Light tells him not to converse with him because others can hear his voice if he speaks loudly and think the voices would be strange. Only Light is able to converse and see the shinigami as he the owner of the Death Note. He is later seen writing criminals names in the notebook at home, and the shinigami warns him that if anyone touches the notebook they will be able to see him. Meanwhile an organization called the ICPO are shocked at the common pattern of deaths of criminals around the world, and employ a mysterious detective named L to catch Light Yagami, whose identity to the world is, as of yet, unknown and is commonly referred to as "Kira" by the public. L tricks Light into killing a condemned man, Lind L. Taylor, who poses as L on TV. The real L's voice tells Light he has revealed himself to be from the Kantō region of Japan. The two swear to not give up.