Witch Craft Works Episode 12 — Takamiya-kun And The Weekend (Part 3)

Published March 23, 2014
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As Tanpopo decides to carry Kasumi out from the wreckage, Weekend's bomb wipes out all the townspeople inside the shelter, including Mikage. Honoka desperately tries to save them, striking a bargain with Evermillion by sacrificing his life to save the town and everyone in it, but Ayaka decides to exchange her life for Honoka's at the last minute. All of the people and buildings in the city are restored as if nothing happened, including Weekend, who stabs Honoka with a knife. Weekend decides to have Honoka healed and acknowledges her defeat, shortly before running into Chronoire. In the restored church, Honoka, Atori and Mikage work on a way to bring Ayaka back to life, using some of Honoka's blood and a kiss. Miraculously, Ayaka regains consciousness. Meanwhile, Chronoire is shown impaling Weekend and most of her underlings on sharp poles, when Kazane shows up. Kazane then demands Chronoire hand Weekend over for questioning, but Chronoire responds that Weekend is her "dinner," and the two fight each other to settle the score. Later, an unconscious Honoka and Mikage visit Evermillion as she talks about the renewed contract that Honoka has formed with her, warning him about the consequences he will have to face if he tries a similar action in the future. As he wakes up, Ayaka greets him at the bedroom door. The two then walk to school when the reformed KMM Gang threatens them en route. Even without her magic restored, Ayaka simply grabs Tanpopo and Mei by their faces and squeezes them until the gang submits.