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Witch Craft Works Episode 9 — Takamiya-kun And The Witch Of The End

Published March 2, 2014
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Ayaka decides to teach Honoka about offensive magic, trying to make him summon a familiar by throwing him off the roof of a tall building. In a panic, he ends up summoning a giant image of Ayaka in a sexy nurse outfit that catches the two of them before punching a nearby building. Meanwhile, Kazane discovers a giant magic bomb underneath the city, and meets with a Tower Witch named Weekend to negotiate, but Weekend simply detonates the bomb, destroying several buildings and exhausting all of Kazane's magic power as she tries to limit the damage. Ayaka and Honoka are escorted into a cell by other Workshop Witches for their safety, but a high-tech magic puppet created by Weekend finds them. Ayaka uses the puppet to blow up a section of the wall and break out, but Ayaka remarks that neither of them have their magic power.