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Witch Craft Works Episode 7 — Takamiya-kun And Noblesse Oblige

Published February 16, 2014
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Ayaka has been secretly keeping Medusa and the KMM Gang in her room at Honoka's house after their last battle. Tanpopo tries to quietly kidnap Honoka but can't seem to find the right moment. However, Mei and Kotetsu accidentally run into him while coming out of the bath and immediately capture him, provoking a standoff with Kazane as she returns from a shopping trip. Ayaka aligns herself with the Tower Witches to protect Honoka, and merges with Medusa to boost her power, but ends up losing anyway as Kazane beats Honoka unconscious before sending both him and Ayaka to a dungeon. Ayaka later borrows some of Honoka's power to break out, damaging another section of the school to Kazane's despair. Ayaka prepares to fight her mother, but Kazane refuses, demanding the two of them go home instead.