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Witch Craft Works Episode 6 — Takamiya-kun And The Test Of Love

Published February 10, 2014
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When Ayaka and Honoka arrive at school, the science teacher separates Honoka from Ayaka, using Clarke's Third Law as an excuse. He warns Honoka that by using the candy, one of five seals has been broken, and if he reveals the information to anyone, Kazane might take drastic action. Later, Ayaka uses her semi-official "Princess" position at the school to unilaterally replace the student council President with Honoka. After school, Kasumi shoots Ayaka with a powerful tranquilizer gun and kidnaps Honoka to take him out of the city, where Kazane's power supposedly can't reach, but Ayaka quickly recovers and uses a dragon to shoot down Kasumi and her giant teddy bear plane before they can escape.