RahXephon Episode 26 — Far Beyond Eternity

Published February 6, 2014
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Ayato wakes up in the subway station when Quon is playing the piano. Itsuki is stabbed to death by Sayoko, but he dies contently knowing she killed him. Helena reveals to Sayoko that she was programmed to love Itsuki, though the latter denies this truth. The RahXephon was created by Ernst von Bähbem many millennia ago, which has been controlling the flow of time in the world. Maya comes to terms with the fact that Ayato wants Haruka more than he wants a pure Mulian world. Ayato defeats Quon in battle to return the world to one where the Mu never attacked and he was not separated from Haruka. It is seen that Ayato and Haruka are married and have a daughter named Quon. Haruka gets off the phone with Megumi, and Ayato has just finished a painting of a girl in a yellow dress looking out over the sea. Haruka asks coyly who the girl in the picture is, and it is explained that the girl that Ixtli copied her appearance from was that of a young Haruka.