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Witch Craft Works Episode 4 — Takamiya-kun And The Mean Little Sister

Published January 26, 2014
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A powerful Tower witch named Medusa is shown slowly cracking open her supposedly unbreakable prison. Elsewhere, Honoka's sister, Kasumi Takamiya, starts getting jealous of her brother spending more time away from home with Ayaka. While the KMM Gang attempts another plan to kidnap Honoka by splitting him from Ayaka, Kasumi intervenes on her brother's behalf, using a giant teddy bear to fight the giant tin soldier rabbit that Tanpopo summons to fight her. However, the bear grows so large that its attacks destroy a significant portion of the town (while leaving the people unharmed). Afterwards, Ayaka returns having quickly beaten the Tower witches, promising to watch over Honoka 24/7.