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Casshern Sins Episode 9 — The Flower That Blooms In The Valley Of Ruin

Published December 30, 2013
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While battling a horde of robots, Casshern is pushed off a cliff, then falls into a hole in the ground. There, he finds an odd little robot girl who tends his wounds and gives him flowers. When Ringo, Ohji, and Lyuze arrive, it is revealed that the place was in fact a graveyard for robots. The strange girl's name was Nico and she used to be a servant of Luna. Not long after, the robots who were fighting Casshern find him again and attack. As Casshern and Lyuze fight them off, Nico is killed while protecting a doll made of scraps that she still perceived to be Luna. Following the last words of the robot named Bolton, Casshern and company now travel the land searching for what remains of Luna, who might be able to undo the Ruin.