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Casshern Sins Episode 5 — The Man Who Killed The Sun Named Moon

Published December 30, 2013
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Lyuze appears before Casshern again, condemning him for Luna's death. Luna was dubbed "The Source of Life" for this world. In the past, Lyuze's sister Liza was tasked to protect Luna, but failed to prevent her death. Casshern allows Lyuze to try and kill him when he learns more of the Ruin. Casshern almost kills Lyuze in his berserk mode, but Friender saves her. Meanwhile, Ringo and Ohji trade usable parts to robots who are in need of them. A robot bandit gang attacks and steals the parts from them. Casshern arrives to stop them, but again loses control and kills several unrelated robots. He only stops when Ringo, who is still terrified of him, shouts at him to stop.