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Casshern Sins Episode 3 — To The Ends Of Agony

Published December 30, 2013
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After leaving the now-empty robot town, Casshern meets the first human being in his travels, that being a man called Akos. Upon learning that the robot community is no more, he starts following Casshern around. Akos teaches Casshern about the fragility of humans, and reveals that he is currently under the same situation as he is, running away from his problems. Later, Casshern re-encounters a vengeful Friender. After being injured by the dog, Casshern decides to surrender his life to Friender, who spares him and instead joins him in his travels. Akos then decides to part ways with Casshern and Friender, and his last words to Casshern are that he is not a Grim Reaper after all, because he did not die traveling with him. Moments later, Akos succumbs to his prolonged illness and dies in the sand.