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BlazBlue: Alter Memory Episode 11 — Murakumo Awakens

Published December 17, 2013
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Ragna becomes unable to activate his Azure Grimoire due to Terumi's interference. While waiting for the smelting of Noel Vermillion as the God Slayer Kusanagi, he tells Ragna the story behind the Azure Grimoire and the Black Beast. The smelting of Noel becomes complete and becomes reborn as Mu-12. She goes down to the cauldron under Terumi's orders to destroy the Master Unit. Mu-12 is then met by Hakumen, where battle between them ensues. Ragna becomes overwhelmed by Terumi, and when Terumi tries to finish off Ragna, Lambda intervenes to save him from death. Lambda tries to fight Terumi but to no avail. Ragna catches Lambda's dying body, where he asks her why she had saved him. Nu's memories within Lambda awaken where she is taken over by Nu's personality, who tells Ragna about her lonely past and dream about Ragna. She disappears as she smiles then gives Ragna her Idea Engine. Ragna becomes able to activate his Azure Grimoire along with the Idea Engine then uses his Distortion Drive: Devoured by Darkness to finish off Terumi. Meanwhile, Jin arrives in the Gate and starts a battle with Mu-12. Meanwhile, Gii comes flying to ask Ragna to save Rachel who became trapped, where he goes down to the Cathedral to save her from Phantom's trap, then proceeds to the Gate to find Mu-12. Jin becomes overwhelmed by Mu-12 then is caught by Ragna, who then proceeds to fight Mu-12 together with Jin.