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Galilei Donna: Storia di tre sorelle a caccia di un mistero Episode 10 — Space-Time Goldfish Sequel

Published December 12, 2013

Galilei and Hozuki tested some toy planes that have designs that could help them fly. After finding the proper design, they put the finishing touches on their plane. At night, Hozuki went to see Galilei, who is looking up to the moon and the stars using a telescope that he made. Then Galilei started drawing sketches of the moon while telling Hozuki that he doesn't believe in Geocentrism which is an accepted theory in his time and that he needs enough proof to explain it to the people. Galileo realizes that Hozuki is from the future and learns the harsh situation the world will be in the next centuries. Then they ate confeito, which is Hozuki’s favourite sweet. After their conversation, Hozuki wonders to who and when Galilei will write the scripts in the sketches. In the next day, before flying their plane, Hozuki gave Galilei her Picco Rosso for helping her return to her time. Then the duo successfully flies with their plane in time to reach the storm. On their way to the storm, Hozuki hears from Galileo about people not understanding him and thinks that he is crazy which made him kept his ideas to himself and becomes alone until he met Hozuki. Furthermore, Galileo tells her how their encounter was important to him and that despite how much he cares for her, he is determined to send her back to the future to help her family. Hozuki then realizes that Galileo is in love with her and the letter he wrote on the sketches is to none other than herself. After Hozuki returns to her proper time, the Ferrari sisters are protected by the Black Ganymede who helps them to flee, but their escape is cut short when their ship is shot down by the Interpol who demands them to surrender.