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Galilei Donna: Storia di tre sorelle a caccia di un mistero Episode 9 — Space-Time Goldfish Prequel

Published December 5, 2013
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At the Libyan Desert, the sisters find the sixth and final sketch along with a telescope. Anna informs Roberto about the completion of the sketch. Meanwhile at the ship, Hozuki is starting to get suspicious of Anna, being told by Anna that there are seven sketches before and that she is hiding something from them. After a while, Grande Rosso informed them of an incoming enemy. They found out that it is Roberto and the Messier. However, the Galileo's fuel is depleted and they are unable to escape. Roberto demands the sisters to surrender all the sketches along with the real Galileo Tesoro, claiming that the one he obtained from them previously was a fake. Roberto informs them that their actions will be useless to him because they don’t have any experience in battle which is something that can’t be learned from any books and that he will give it to them if he were in their place. Anna tries to convince the sisters to do as he says hoping Roberto to leave the sisters. While on it, Anna reveals herself to be working under Roberto and that she was the one who emptied the Galileo's fuel tank. Roberto then asked Anna to shoot the sisters. However, when the Black Ganymede appears to rescue the girls, Anna betrays Roberto and reveals that the fuel was not thrown away, but stored inside the ship’s engine room and urges the sisters to escape. However, both the pirates and the sisters are about to be killed when Hozuki activates the real Galileo Tesoro and time slows down around her, before she is thrown into the past centuries before, where she has an encounter with a youngster, who is in fact her ancestor Galileo Galilei himself. After having his prototype flying machine destroyed by accident, Galilei realizes that Hozuki has fallen from the same kind of storm and shows her some other strange objects that fell from it. Hozuki then figures that those items were sucked by the Galileo Tesoro when she activated it in Russia. After Galilei reveals that the storm occurs in regular intervals, he and Hozuki join forces to create an airplane in time for the next storm and return her to her proper time.