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Galilei Donna: Storia di tre sorelle a caccia di un mistero Episode 8 — Giappone

Published November 28, 2013

Before looking for the sketch, the sisters visit their grandfather in Kyoto. During their visit, their grandfather is surprised to see her granddaughters. This is the first time Hozuki and Kazuki meeting their grandfather while Hazuki met him once when she was little during her trip to Japan with Geshio and Sylvia. Their grandfather wonders how Geshio and Sylvia doing. The sisters didn’t want to know the situation they were in right now so they told him that they are fine. After their grandfather heard about their journey from Anna, he is thankful for the help Anna has done for the sisters and asked them to stay for the night. After that the sister’s went to their father’s room with Hazuki hoping to find something suspicious in his room. In there, the sisters found a photo album under Geshio’s bed where they learn about his past and how he met their mom. They also found a sketch of an energy converter that Geshio drew to build for their grandfather. Near the house, the sister saw Geshio’s broken down energy converter and Hozuki goes off to fix up the energy converter. Meanwhile, Anna gets a call from Roberto and is displeased to learn that Roberto plans to kill the sisters once the remaining sketches have been found. During their free time, Anna and the sisters go on a sightseeing trip around Kyoto. Hazuki splits up from the group and runs into Cicinho who is worried for her after he heard what happened with her and her sisters during their encounter with Messier at the Caspian Sea. Wanted to protect Hazuki, Cicinho asked her to come with him in the Black Ganymede. Hazuki accepted his request immediately, to Cicinho’s surprise. Hazuki admits to Cicinho that her ideal of justice is flawed, but Cicinho tells her that she needs power to uphold her justice and that a power shouldn’t be given to those who don’t uphold any ideals. Furthermore, he told Hazuki that she didn’t have to change and she has to stay true to herself. Realizing that Cicinho is a better man than she thought, Hazuki laughs at how serious Cicinho is and thanks him for cheering her up. Hozuki, Kazuki, and Anna went up to meet Hazuki, Cicinho changing his mind and leaves, telling Hazuki that he will be taking her and the sketches next time. After they return to their grandfather’s house for dinner, Hozuki activates the energy converter which prompts their grandfather to use the heater in the house because the energy converter converts the energy he is using in the house in order to conserve energy. While she worries about what Roberto said to her, Anna saw how the sisters are growing more attached to her as they even join her during her bath time and thanking her for the help she did for them. Because of that, Anna continues to question her loyalty to Roberto. On the next day, Anna and the sisters resume their search for the sketch. They found the sketch at the grave of Yagyū Munenori in Nara.