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Galilei Donna: Storia di tre sorelle a caccia di un mistero Episode 7 — Salt Fish

Published November 21, 2013

After what happened at the hospital in Russia, the sisters deduce that the hourglass pendant is the Galileo Tesoro that Adnimoon is after. They also figure out that Anna has known about the Galileo Tesoro and has connections to Adnimoon, who is secretly working for Roberto. However she disagrees with Roberto over the way the Galileo Tesoro should be used as the Adnimoon plans to monopolize the Galileo Tesoro and use it as a new energy source. Now that the sisters knew what the Adnimoon wants with them, they were burdened to carry the faith of the world in their hands but that doesn’t stop the sisters because they never want the Galileo Tesoro to fall in the wrong hands and be use in the wrong way. After that Hozuki and Anna had a conversation. Hozuki told Anna that even though she knew about the importance of the Galileo Tesoro in saving the world, she still holds finding the sketches as a priority, and feels bad about herself. Anna told her that it’s just normal for everyone to have different priorities and that hers is about love. Anna told Hozuki about her one-sided love on a man who never noticed her but still wanted to help the man. After Hozuki read the writings in the previous sketch, the next clue sends them to the Caspian Sea with Adnimoon hot on their trail. While Hozuki talks about her love of Japanese culture to a Kansai accent Grande Rosso, they got attacked by Roberto and the Adnimoon. Unable to engage in underwater combat, the Galileo is forced to surface. With the Adnimoon surrounding them, Anna and the sisters are immobilized when the Galileo is badly damaged by Roberto. Outside the Galileo, Anna and the sisters confront Roberto hoping to take him as a hostage and escape as they dare him to take the pendant. However, Roberto knew about their plan and got Hazuki beaten up. In order to save their lives, Kazuki surrenders the pendant to Roberto. Upon taking the pendant, Roberto and the Adnimoon left. Despite having lost the Gailieo Tesoro, the sisters never lose hope and continue their search for the sketches which will eventually help them lead to the Galileo Tesoro. Upon finding the next sketch hidden inside a nearby stone monument, the next clue leads them to Japan.