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Galilei Donna: Storia di tre sorelle a caccia di un mistero Episode 6 — Galileo Tesoro

Published November 14, 2013
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Roberto reminisce his past. During his 11th birthday, his father and mother celebrated his birthday by having a fancy dinner at their mansion. Outside their mansion, two poor men are begging for something to eat. Roberto’s father has given the 2 men all the foods they have in their dinner table, saving a piece of cake for Roberto. His father apologized to him and said that in this world, people are born with equal rights where the rich should share his wealth to those who are in need. Robert understood what his father meant and split his piece of cake into three to share it to his parents. However, the next morning, his house was destroyed in an air raid. His mother immediately died however his father is still alive but his lower half is buried in debris and can’t get out. Wanted to save his father, Roberto shouted asking for help. The two poor men from yesterday heard him and went to check them. Instead of helping Roberto’s father, they stole Roberto’s mother’s expensive necklace and left them. Another bomb explodes leading to his father’s death and Roberto being buried in debris. Roberto survived and was taken to a hospital although his left hand and right leg got amputated. At the hospital, Francesco visited the victims. After he saw Roberto, he has taken a liking to him, and decided to adopt him. After that, Roberto’s personality has changed and he becomes ruthless. Back in the present, Hazuki had a fever and Anna and the sisters stop at a hospital in Russia for treatment. There, they encounter the crew of the Black Ganymede, who has taken over the hospital. Moments later, Roberto appeared and attacks the crew, wanted to take over the hospital to repair the engine of his airship by using the parts from the hospital’s airship, which coincidentally the same with the Black Ganymede. Cicinho and his other crew appeared pointing a gun at Roberto, saving the sisters and the others. After all the commotion, Hozuki and Kazuki continue to look for medicine. Cicinho ordered two of his crew to help them upon learning from Anna that Hazuki has a fever. After finding the medicine, the power generator has gone down and they are trapped at the basement. The 2 pirates helped them to find a way out while telling Hozuki how grateful they are to Cicinho for giving them freedom and a reason to live after he saved them from the people at the orphanage who are hurting them and the other children. Furthermore, after they followed him, more people came to join them and they finally established their group and started stealing from others because they don’t have a choice. After hearing their story, Hozuki feels bad and can’t accept the fact that the world is giving them freedom only to find that you don’t have a choice. While people are fighting over how the limited resources of the hospital should be allocated, Roberto took a hostage and goes on a massacre, killing the pirates. He told them that the human population has become too many and the world doesn’t have enough resources for everyone and it is him that will balance the scale by eliminating those who are foul and greedy. Hozuki intervenes, causing an explosion that leaves the hospital exposed to the frigid air and causing her hourglass pendant to activate to break up the fight. After that, Hozuki, Kazuki, and Anna have found a chance to escape and immediately returned to their ship. Hazuki is given some medicine from the hospital and recovers from her illness. Meanwhile, Roberto was about to kill Cicinho and a few remaining pirates, but runs out of bullets. He went on the rooftop of the hospital and said to himself that he had found Galileo Tesoro, which is Hozuki’s hourglass pendant.