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BlazBlue: Alter Memory Episode 6 — False World

Published November 12, 2013
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Ragna begins fighting Lambda-11. However when he calls her Nu, she begins to regain Nu's memory and is swiftly teleported away by Kokonoe. Bang finds Jin and easily defeats him with one blow, realizing that he's already been badly injured before and brings him to his place to recover, saying he will fight him only after he has recovered. The next day Bang shows Jin around the town. When Bang leaves first, leaving Jin alone, Jin encounters Tsubaki, being controlled by Hazama, she swiftly stabs the helpless Jin, killing him. Takamagahara System then decides that they "cannot afford to lose the Power of Order at this time" and resets time and introduces an event distortion; preventing Jin and Tsubaki from meeting. At night, Jin leaves Ronin-Gai while Tsubaki finds Noel at the end of the episode.