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BlazBlue: Alter Memory Episode 5 — The Pair Of White Guns

Published November 5, 2013
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Having just returned from Lost Town, Rachel tells Valkenhayn how the world has now entered the Continuum Shift. Around this time, Iron Tager is being deployed in Kagutsuchi. Meanwhile, Ragna is still being treated by Litchi, Noel and Taokaka for his wounds, soon after, Rachel returns and, after a lengthy conversation with Taokaka about a hidden Kaka medicine, teleports the group to the Kaka Hot Springs. After the water has fully healed Ragna of his wounds, he gets separated from Taokaka, Litchi and Rachel. He later returns to Kagutsuchi with Noel but after realising that Noel, who already looks like his sister Saya, wields a Nox Nyctores, he returns to Kagutsuchi alone; there, he meets Platinum the Trinity. After a warning from Trinity Glassfille, he leaves and is found by Iron Tager; Kokonoe subsequently decides that she will test Lambda-11 on Ragna and the episode ends as Lambda-11 appears in front of Ragna and prepares for battle.