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Galilei Donna: Storia di tre sorelle a caccia di un mistero Episode 3 — Goldfish Life

Published October 24, 2013
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Geshio and Sylvia are alive, but Sylvia has amnesia and is in custody of Adnimoon who plans to take advantage of Sylvia’s amnesia since her talents are not affected by her amnesia. On board the airship built by Hozuki named the Galileo, Hazuki learns that the attackers are Messier, an organization that does Adnimoon's dirty work, where Roberto, the son of the CEO of Adnimoon, is its leader. Wondering around the ship, Kazuki breaks down, feeling the jealousy of her younger sister's talent and also because of the burden of the family blood she carries. Kazuki thinks that Hozuki gives important to her mission than them. The sisters plan to resupply food in the nearby town. They ask the ship’s goldfish AI, Grande Rosso, to find a landing point. But the AI said that they cannot find a town to land. Because of that, the sisters learn that they are wanted fugitives by the Italian police. Then they are attacked by Roberto, demanding that they hand over Galileo Tesoro. Anna finds one of Galileo's sketches in the ship and Kazuki wants to hand it to Roberto to gain their safety and return home. However, Hazuki and Hozuki convince her not to since they have already gone too far for their pursuers to just leave them and that it is still their duty to protect their ancestor’s treasure. The sisters are saved by Cicinho, who attacks Roberto's airship allowing the sisters to escape. Hozuki examines the sketch and figures out that the next clue deals with music.