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Galilei Donna: Storia di tre sorelle a caccia di un mistero Episode 2 — Messier

Published October 17, 2013
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Hazuki’s family were amazed by the airship that she made and asked how she made it. Hozuki told them about the blueprint she found in the attic and use it to make the airship for 3 years so that she could use it to go to Japan, the country their father Geshio lives. The police came and captured the Ferrari family except for Hozuki, who went to rescue her pet goldfish. Hozuki meets up with Anna, who is a Galileo enthusiast who does not want the inheritance, Galileo Tesoro, to fall into the wrong hands. Anna informed Hozuki that her family is in danger and that she is the only one who could save them. After much thinking, Hozuki plans to save her family, hoping that their broken family will get together again. At the prison, Sylvia was bailed by her former employer, Francesco Materazzi, the CEO of Adnimoon, to ask her the whereabouts of Galileo Tesoro. Roberto also interrogates the rest of the Ferraris. Being pursued by the police, Anna disguises herself as Hozuki to draw the police away from her. Hozuki uses this distraction to rescue her family using a goldfish mecha. During the escape, Geshio stays behind piloting the mecha to allow the sisters to escape into Hozuki's airship, Galileo, as he leaves the task of finding the Galileo Tesoro to the sisters before anyone finds it. Meanwhile, Sylvia is found shot in the head.