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Beyond the Boundary Episode 2 — Ultramarine

Published October 9, 2013
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Akihito momentarily spaces out as they face the youmu although Mirai manages to drive it outdoors. Mirai chases and engages the youmu into a ferocious battle at the playground and after a bit of a struggle, strikes near its eye albeit escaping. Losing the resolve to follow through, Mirai suggests they leave it be, but ends up chasing after it following Akihito's warning of her declining living expenses. Mirai then removes her ring, amplifying her powers further and splashes acidic blood on the youmu. Now immobilized, Mirai destroys its eye—killing it in the process and revealing an ultramarine stone at its core. Akihito then mends Mirai's wounds and offers to let her join the Literary Club, which she rejects before passing out. The next day, Akihito and Mirai take the youmu stone to an appraiser but are instead greeted by the humanoid youmu—Ai Shindō, prompting Mirai to instinctively draw her sword before they explain the many natures of youmu and the appraising process to her. While at school, Akihito tries to gather information on the aggressiveness of the recent youmu attacks from Hiroomi Nase, to no avail. Afterwards, Akihito visits the appraiser—Ayaka Shindō to get her to reveal the contents of a postcard from his mother—Yayoi Kanbara, where she warns him of the coming of a youmu known as the Hollow Shadow—a powerful youmu lacking a physical body. Ayaka explains that following its last appearance, it easily defeated five A-level Spirit Warriors and the recent low-level youmu were probably agitated by its proximity. Afterwards, Ayaka appraises Mirai's youmu and she uses the money to treat Akihito to a beef bowl while pleading with him not to further involve himself in her affairs because she had killed someone.