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Blood Lad Episode 6 — That's Friendship

Published August 11, 2013
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With his power now unlocked, Staz reluctantly leaves Acropolis to face Akim as per Braz's deal with him. Meanwhile, Wolf and Akim begin their battle with the latter specializing in spatial magic. Much to Wolf's shock, Akim reveals that he is merely demon phantom manipulating the dead pieces of a physical body via magic. Wolf then releases the magic stored in his pipe and enters into a full werewolf transformation. Meanwhile, Bell traps Franken in the grid room, forcing him to reveal everything about Akim's spatial magic. Meanwhile, Wolf and Akim engage in fierce hand to hand combat, with the former supposedly emerging victorious after using his claws to slice Akim to pieces. At the same time, Staz shows up just as Akim starts putting his body back together and enters the battle by knocking Akim into the northern wasteland before switching with Wolf, whose magic completely depletes. Staz unleashes a barrage of magical punches against Akim, none of which connect due to the latter realizing Staz's reckless fighting style. Insulted, Staz releases his magic which takes the form of a large golden hand and annihilates Akim in one powerful attack. In the attack's wake, Staz allows Akim to piece himself back together, admitting that his power is a burden before seemingly killing Akim with his ZIP spell. Afterwards, Wolf approaches Staz and challenges him to a battle. Meanwhile, Bell delivers the pieces of Akim to Franken after having captured him whilst attempting to escape Staz's ZIP and questions them on Akim's spatial magic, learning that Franken had obtained Akim's core body with the spatial magic stolen from her by an unknown third party. Braz and Liz then show up and imprison Franken and Akim in the Toy Box before approaching Staz, who refuses to fight his friend Wolf with his full power. Finally, Braz asks to meet the girl whom Staz wishes to resurrect. In the epilogue, Wolf looses his sense of direction on his way back to the West District.