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KINMOZA! Episode 4 — Aya Nervous In The Rain

Published July 27, 2013
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Despite it being her birthday, Shinobu feels a little downhearted following a remark from her sister, Isami. Later, Alice gets irritated when people see her more as Karen's little sister as opposed to a big sister. Whilst initially having some jealousy when Shinobu shows favoritism toward's Karen's present for her, Alice comes to realise that she loves Shinobu and Karen equally. Later, as Shinobu is off sick with a cold, Aya becomes anxious when Yoko receives an alleged 'love letter' in her locker, though Yoko assures her she would've turned down any admirers anyway. The letter turns out to be a letter Shinobu wrote for Alice's parents that she wanted Alice to translate.