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Blood Lad Episode 3 — You Had It All Along

Published July 21, 2013
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Wolf continues to expand his territory within the Demon World while Staz enlists Mamejirō along with Fuyumi to help track him down. Meanwhile, Bell still suspicious of Staz, continues to observe him. Staz and co. board a special demon carriage and end up meeting Wolf en route to another territorial battle. After a bit of casual rivalry, Staz tries to get Wolf to help him in obtaining the book which the latter deems too frivolous an exploit of his time. Seeing no other alternative, Staz proposes that they have a competition, with Wolf wagering to help Staz find the book should Staz win, and Staz wagering Fuyumi herself should Wolf win. Afterwards Staz starts preparing for a bowling competition, elaborating to Fuyumi, a plan to cheat using his manipulative magic although Wolf has a boxing match prepared instead. As they both step into the ring, Staz begins the fight with a clinch tactic but Wolf ends up dominating the rest of the match, believing that Staz would use up all of his magic healing his wounds. However in a dramatic turn of events, Wolf ends up being the one whose magic depletes since Staz had bitten him during their clinch and had been absorbing his magic ever since. As Staz starts gaining the upper hand, Wolf enters a partial werewolf transformation and begins patronizing Staz's motives of helping Fuyumi, claiming that Staz only uses his vampiric powers when it benefits him. This angers Staz to the point of almost killing Wolf with his ZIP spell, although the match is stopped by a tearful Fuyumi along with Bell who transports them all to another building. Here Bell reveals that she had the book all along and was merely toying with the group. Finally obtaining the book, Staz and co. try and fail to read its anagrammatic text, with the only person capable of deciphering it being the book's author which shocks Staz when he turns back to the first page. In the epilogue, Staz grows terrified when he learns that the book's author is non other than his older brother and resident of the Demon World Acropolis—Braz D. Blood.