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KINMOZA! Episode 3 — What Kind Of Friends Will I Make

Published July 20, 2013
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Whilst looking through an old photo album, Alice tells the others about her half-Japanese friend from England, Karen Kujo, who helped teach her Japanese. The next day, they actually come face to face with Karen herself, who had moved to Japan so she could study at Shinobu and Alice's school in the neighbouring class. As Karen gets along with the others, Alice feels a little jealous as Shinobu takes more interest in her. Whilst easily fitting into Shinobu's group, Karen has trouble making friends in her own class as they are intimidated by her foreign appearance. Asking the others for advice, Karen hears from the others about how Aya became friends with Shinobu and Yoko after transferring into middle school. Thanks to everyone's advice, Karen manages to speak clearly with her classmates and make lots of friends.