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Photokano Episode 13 — Loving Each Other

Published June 28, 2013

One day, Kanon won a trip to Europe for their parents' honeymoon, so the Maeda siblings stay at home. At first Kazuya thought that it would be good with his sister, but later he becomes uneasy with it (due to the previous incidents in the first 4 episodes). When the Photography Club finds out about this, they insist that he must use Kanon as a photo-subject, much to his chagrin. However, Kazuya sees how much Kanon has grown up, while making good pictures of her, which were complimented by Katsumi while he made a complimented to her pictures, much to Ruu's chagrin. While making photos with Kanon for her audition for a temporary idol union to celebrate a movie premiere, Kazuya makes a photo of Kanon confessing in love, which, unknown to him, is addressed to him, that makes him even more uneasy. Everything becomes more difficult for him, when Kanon returns the "dirty" magazines to Nakagawa and Azuma in an apron at their home, and when their mom tells them that their dad came down with a fever and that they're gonna stay together a little longer, so Kazuya isn't sure if he should tell her that they're not blood related, meanwhile Kanon is aching for him. On Sunday, Kazuya and Kanon decided to go to the beach where they have fun, take pictures and cheer for Katsumi and Ruu at the volleyball tournament, who later lost. When Ruu tells the Maeda siblings that Katsumi has a boyfriend and that staying with her is enough for her, Kanon and Kazuya think to much about it. When Kazuya sees a sand castle that Kanon makes, he remembers the day when they first met, when he gave her that jingle-bell and made a promise to be good siblings for each other. And now looking back, they still remember it and still care for each other as siblings. After their parents return from the trip, Kazuya finally gives her the photo album of her childhood and her real mother as he promised to her father, his stepfather. Afterwards Kanon gives Kazuya a love letter and she asks that he not read it till her graduation. He shows her the opened envelop on the day of her graduation, in which she confesses her love for him. The last scene has her running into his waiting arms.