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Valvrave the Liberator Episode 8 — The Princess Of Light

Published May 31, 2013
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A flashback during the 61st year of the True Calendar shows a young L-elf attempting to escape from a Dorssian prison camp. Whilst cornered by the guards, he comes across a young girl and threatens her in front of the guards. Back in the present, L-elf awakens having been freed from Haruto's possession and warns that only 6 hours remains until the fall of the new JIOR, whilst still waiting for Haruto's answer to his previous contract. As Saki laments her inability to react during the last battle, Haruto learns from his friends and a distraught Kyuma of Aina's death. Meanwhile, A-drei delivers the results of his reconnaissance to Cain and is issued to lead the next attack on Module 77 in order to retrieve L-elf. As the operation begins, the Dorssians use the attack to distract Haruto and Saki so that A-drei's squad can sneak into Module 77. A-drei's squad quickly take control of the abandoned JIOR battle ships in the harbor and begin firing rockets at Sakimori Academy, offering the students an ultimatum, of deciding whether to surrender as they aim their rockets closer and closer to the school. Meanwhile, Haruto and Saki continue to struggle with Q-vier's magnetic weapons. Seeing no other option, Haruto forms the contract with L-elf in order to save Module 77. L-elf then has Haruto take his Valvrave as well as Saki's immobilized Valvrave to an exact point outside of Module 77 and puncture a hole in Module 77's hull. This causes the seawater to escape into space, and drench both Valvraves. As the water crystallizes, it freezes the metallic boomerangs covering the Valvraves, and allow them to move once more. As an added effect, the draining seawater, disturbs A-drei's squad on the JIOR battleships and hence crush the Dorssians plan. As Haruto waits for his Valvrave to reach maximum heat capacity, L-elf buys him time with a JIOR battle cruiser. Finally, Haruto's Valvrave once again impales its engine and directs the heat attack at the Dorssian battle ships, while L-elf sacrifices his own cruiser. A continuation of L-elf's flashback, shows that the girl whom he had taken hostage, decided to give him "half of her life" through the symbolism of giving him a piece of her hair, thus saving L-elf from the guards. Back in the present, as L-elf floats in space waiting for his air to run out, Haruto comes to his rescue. Meanwhile, Cain looks at A-drei's pictures of an incomplete Valvrave.