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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 7 — 4th Day: Wednesday Of Transformation - I

Published May 16, 2013
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As the exchange between Hibiki, Yamato and Alcor continues, Yamato rejects the notion of a person's fate being predetermined by the death-clips. As Hibiki is forced to make a choice of staying with the Resistance or returning to the JP's with Yamato, Ronaldo tries to sway his decision but is stopped by the demon Bifrons. As everyone realizes that Alcor isn't using a cell-phone to control the demon, his origins are questioned by Hibiki to which he responds that he genuinely doesn't know, only that he isn't their enemy. Ronaldo has the Resistance summoners surround him with demons, but Bifrons easily incinerates them. Alcor goes on to calmly reveal that he is the creator of Nicaea and the Demon Summoning App, which he gave to humans as a means to fight the Septentriones, finally remarking that it allowed him to find a new "Shining One" in Hibiki. Ignoring the exchange, Yamato outlines that the next Septentrione will appear simultaneously at the spiritual barriers in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka with Fumi adding that only high level demons would be strong enough to face them from now on. As he leaves, Yamato entrusts Osaka to Hibiki and leaves the Resistance in charge of the Septentrione in Nagoya although both Hibiki and Ronaldo state that they will not be Yamato's pawns. Hibiki concludes that at the end of the week long Septentrione battle, he will stop Yamato's plans. Afterwards, Alcor has an exchange with Bifrons and Botis on his actions which hint at stopping the "Purge of Polaris", while simultaneously as Yamato looks at having overused his power to control Ceberus, he recalls having rejected being the "Shining One" in favor of his ideals of stopping the "Purge" to Alcor in the past. The next day, as Fumi finishes work on a teleportation device, all the JP's and Resistance members submit for routine health checkups. Hibiki thanks Daichi for coming to his aid, while Io and Otome talk about the bonds they share with the people close to them, while Otome simultaneously teases Io about her crush on Hibiki. At the end of their checkup, Io and Airi are angered by Daichi, Joe and the innocent Hibiki for trying to peek during their checkups. Finally, Makoto briefs the Resistance at the Nagoya branch, including Ronaldo, Airi, Jungo, Joe and Otome on the Septentrione: Megrez, explaining that because of its triplicate nature, they have to attack simultaneously at all three locations to deal it any damage. As Hibiki, Daichi and Io are teleported to Osaka, Hibiki makes it clear to Makoto that they are no longer JP's members, and she acknowledges them as friends. At the same time, Yamato stands alone in wait for Megrez's appearance at the Tokyo Tower. When Hibiki and co. arrive in Osaka, Hibiki breaks into tears at his relief to find Hinako and she embraces him in gratitude. In the epilogue, Fumi shows Makoto that upon analysis of her health results, Io is a suitable spiritual medium for the demon "Lugh".