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Valvrave the Liberator Episode 5 — Sakimori Academy Sings

Published May 10, 2013
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With their blackmail keeping the ARUS and Dorssian forces at bay, the Sakimori students enjoy an out-of-place peace aboard Module 77 albeit unaware of its dangerously high power consumption. Elsewhere, Dorssian Führer Amadeus K. Dorssia rallies his forces together with a show of power. While exploring the depths of Module 77, L-elf makes a discovery when the electrical grid shuts down due to the overworked weather system. Despite being locked in the Valvrave 01 hangar, Takumi Kibukawa explains the problem with Yūsuke being the only other person to comprehend. Raizō then drags Yūsuke to the heights of the Module to reset the system, eventually finding the switch when the latter falls through the battle-damaged floor. The chilly climate also begins dampening the spirits of the Sakimori girls to the point where Takahi and her clique start assigning blame on Shōko and Saki. As Haruto tries to stop the fighting, the tension immediately eases when Yūsuke successfully restores the Module's power. Afterwards the Sakimori students broadcast a music video over the WIRED network to assure the world of their well-being while also gaining support and international aid in the process. Haruto and Saki later use the Valvrave 01 to start exploring the depths of Module 77, where L-elf guides them to a hangar containing four more Valvrave Units.