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Rosario to Vampire Capu2 Episode 13 — Cross And Family And A Vampire

Published May 4, 2013

Tsukune continues on his journey to the castle, but he is attacked by Koumori and his army of bats and Tsurara and Ageha on the way. When he finally reaches the castle with the girls' aid, Kokoa warns him that the third Dark Lord is her father Issa Shuzen, and his powers exceed that of an S-class yōkai. Despite her warnings, Tsukune confronts Issa, getting badly beaten by him in the process, but his determination brings out his latent vampire powers and manages to snatch the rosario from Issa's hand. Inner Moka arrives and stops the fight, saying that Tsukune has won the battle. Issa agrees to let Tsukune have the rosario and leaves the castle. Kokoa tries to steal the rosario away from Tsukune, but before she could run away with it, the castle starts to collapse, as Koumori explains that Issa destroys the castle every time it is infiltrated. With the rosario in his hand, Tsukune prepares to bring back Outer Moka, but not before Inner Moka has her moment with him by kicking and biting him. With the rosario in place, Tsukune and Outer Moka have their reunion, and Tsukune is bitten yet again. Nekonome and Ruby arrive with the bus to bring everyone back to Yokai Academy. Kokoa vows that she will get her "true" sister back from Tsukune, but Issa unexpectedly shows up and deduces that Kokoa was behind the entire thing, resulting in her being spanked by the latter. At the post-end credits, Kokoa suddenly appears with the Lilith Mirror, splitting Moka into two again as all of the girls grab onto Tsukune.