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Valvrave the Liberator Episode 4 — The Hostage Is Valvrave

Published May 2, 2013
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President Jeffery Anderson and the ARUS senate vote on obtaining the JIOR Valvrave weapon to aid in their campaign against Dorssia. Meanwhile after rejecting L-elf's contract, Haruto fails to stop Figaro from experimenting with Unit 01—resulting in the death of an ARUS pilot. The Dorssian fleet then makes an initial strike against Module 77 which prompts Figaro to prioritize his safety over the Sakimori students in a transmission intercepted by Shōko and Akira Renbōkoji. Shōko then uses drastic means to inform the Student Council of Figaro's treachery and while Takahi Ninomiya distracts the ARUS representatives, Shōko, Kyūma and Yūsuke Otamaya rescue Haruto. As Figaro attempts to leave, Haruto then appears and reveals his true intentions to the disbelieving student body. Having lost his patience, Figaro begins firing on the students until Haruto stops him with Unit 01. L-elf then appears within the crowd and shatters their spirit with the truth that the Dorssian forces are laying in wait outside Module 77. However Shōko proposes the idea of blackmailing both the ARUS and Dorssia with the relinquishing of Unit 01. Shōko then rallies the Sakimori students into seceding from JIOR by declaring Module 77 an independent state while the Valvrave 01 severs Module 77's connecting bridges to JIOR 01 and lifts it away from the Sphere.