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Valvrave the Liberator Episode 3 — L-Elf's Prophecy

Published April 26, 2013
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The ARUS forces apprehend L-elf while he relays a strange string of words to Haruto. As the ARUS forces along with Senator Figaro provide relief to the students of Sakimori Academy, Haruto and his friends try and fail to deduce the nature of his new abilities. Afterwards, Figaro sends word to meet Haruto and urges him to become a symbol of hope in the war against Dorssia. Meanwhile, as L-elf escapes his captivity, Cain dispatches A-drei, X-eins, H-neun and Q-vier in another attempt to recapture Module 77. At the same time, Haruto starts helping the ARUS soldiers calmly evacuate the Sakimori students by reassuring them of their safety via a loudspeaker. Afterwards, as L-elf causes a wave of destruction during his escape, Raizō Yamada confronts Haruto while checking the school for straggling students and demands use of the Valvrave 01 to avenge his friend Nobu. Just then, L-elf causes the ARUS transport ship to crash into and block the Module's docking bay—essentially trapping all of the Module's occupants. As Haruto feels the earthquake, panic subsequently starts spreading through the students when they learn of their entrapment. Simultaneously looking at the time—3:14, Haruto turns around to find L-elf standing behind him, the latter of whom asks Haruto to help him bring a revolution to Dorssia.