Valvrave the Liberator Episode 1 — The Revolutionary Transfer Student

Published April 12, 2013
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Aboard Module 77 of the JIOR Sphere 01, Haruto Tokishima loses an eating contest to Shōko Sashinami for use of their school grounds while unbeknownst to them, five undercover Dorssian Agents infiltrate Sakimori High School. Sometime later as the agents scout the school for a destination, one of them has a brief altercation with Haruto over their differing worldviews. Afterwards, the Dorssian Agents infiltrate and kill the scientists in a covert lab under the school although a wounded scientist ejects their primary target, a giant mecha called Valvrave 01 to the school's surface. At the same time, Dorssian Commander Cain Dressel launches a squadron of mecha to invade Module 77, which activates the Module's defenses. As the surface turns into a battlefield, Haruto and his friends attempt to flee, although Shōko gets caught in an explosion which presumably kills her, much to Haruto's horror. Overcome with vengeance, Haruto boards the Valvrave 01 which initially fails to start and becomes the target of a Dorssian mecha. However, Haruto soon accepts its start-up question and gets injected with a substance, activating the Valvrave. Taking to the skies, the Valvrave 01 then easily overwhelms and defeats the invading forces. In the aftermath, as Haruto exits the Valvrave, much to the praise of the school and the worldwide live-streaming audience, his grief at Shōko's death overwhelms him. In the epilogue, Dorssian Army Special Forces agent codenamed, L-elf confronts and brutally takes Haruto's life. As L-elf then turns to commandeer the Valvrave, Haruto suddenly appears behind him in a seemingly resurrected inhuman state and bites his neck, triggering an event.