Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 1 — 1st Day: Melancholy Sunday

Published April 4, 2013
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Hibiki Kuze meets up with his friend, Daichi Shijima after finishing their practice exams. While discussing their future, Daichi introduces and registers them onto a recently popular website called "Nicaea", a video delivery site that allows people to see videos of their friend's death. Later, at the train station, they receive videos from Nicaea that show both of their deaths by an oncoming train at that exact station. Shortly after, before the train arrives, an earthquake occurs, causing the incoming train to derail and cause the same devastation they saw in the videos. On the verge of death, Nicaea offers Hibiki a second chance to live and a Demon Summoning App is forcefully downloaded into his phone. He and Daichi awake to find the station in ruins with most of the people dead. They then witness vile wolf-like creatures eating the corpses of the recently deceased. As the creatures turn their sights on them, rescued classmate Io Nitta and Daichi inadvertently manifest demons from their cell phones which repel the attacking creatures and allow them to escape. Making it back to the surface, they find that all of Japan has met with the same type of calamity before a strange organization takes over rescue operations, with the officer in charge pondering that humankind must survive "Judgement Day" even if it means using demons. With nowhere to go, the three decide to stick together and while waiting in Roppongi, the crowd is attacked by a demon called Dubhe. At the same time Hibiki receives another video showing Daichi's death, before Daichi bursts out of a corner with a delivery truck, intending to ram the demon. As the truck explodes, Hikibi, overcome with emotion, manifests his Avatar: Byakko, a tiger like demon which he manipulates and successfully destroys the Dubhe. In the aftermath, Daichi had been saved by another one of Io's demons, a pixie-like creature before the group is approached by the Japan Meteorological Agency: JP's. Elsewhere, a mysterious man watches the entire event and refers to Hibiki as "The Shining One."