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[email protected] Episode 12 — I Won't Try Hard Tomorrow Either

Published April 1, 2013

With Jou feeling betrayed by Sasami going after Kagami, she begins to put her plan into operation. Tama is captured and Sasami is cut off from the island whilst Kagami faces up against Tamama-no-Mae. Taking a severed arm into her body, Jou forces Tama to help her with a ritual to allows her to steal Tamama-no-Mae's power, ripping out her organs and summoning a large multi-headed dragon. Tamama-no-Mae attacks with her golem, Sasami manages to break through the barrier surrounding the island and enter Tama's body whilst Kagami defeats the golem, returning the world to normal. After an acquaintance of Tsurugi's defeat the dragon, Sasami finds Jou and rekindles her friendship with her.