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Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? Episode 8 — It Seems That A Great Disaster Will Come With The Playing Of A Flute?

Published March 1, 2013
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At the coliseum, the Battle of the Creators has started with Black Rabbit as the judge. Yô is pitted against Asha Ignis-Fatuus from the Will-o'-the-wisp community and their greatest Gift, Jack-o'-lantern, much to Asuka’s delight of seeing him for the first time. The rules of their match are for one of them to reach the exit of the Underworld Labyrinth or to destroy their opponent’s gift. With the knowledge she obtained about the legend behind Will-o'-the-wisp from Jin, Yô is able to take on the lead as she dashes towards the goal, using her keen sense of smell as she traces the scent of the wind coming from the exit, while evading the natural gas that Asha throws at her. Yô is relieved that Asha isn’t the leader of the Will-o'-the-wisp since she wouldn’t stand a chance against a demon born in limbo between life and death. But Jack’ o Lantern gets in her way and traps her in a circle of fire. Jack’ o Lantern told her that he is the demon born in limbo between life and death, an immortal demon and Will-o'-the-wisp is his flame. Furthermore he told her that the thing about the Will-o'-the-wisp being a natural gas combusting underground is just a scientific explanation that he made up for the people. To prove that validity of what Jack’ o Lantern said, Yô asked him about the natural gas that they used to attack. Jack’ o Lantern explained to her that it is from Asha, being an earthly spirit of natural gas. Without a chance of winning against an immortal, Yô surrendered, and lost to Asha, who is disappointed in their battle. Jack’ o Lantern approached Yô to ask her the reason for going alone in their battle when she can participate with another member from their community. After finding out the answer from Yô that she doesn’t want to involve anyone, Jack’ o Lantern told her that she should learn to rely on others especially during the times when she can’t handle something on her own. Suddenly, several black geass rolls fall from the sky, inviting everyone to join a game. Written on it is a saying “break the false lore and expose the true legend”. At the same time, a barrier has formed around Shiroyasha, unable her to join the game. Above the coliseum are members of the Pied Piper of Hamelin community. Izayoi rushes towards them, trying to find their leader. While doing so, he randomly picks an opponent from the Pied Piper of Hamelin, hoping that it's their leader. Izayoi ended fighting Weser, the embodiment of the Weser river from the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Leticia battled against Pest, a demon lord of the "The Black Plague" from the Pied Piper of Hamlin. When things are going bad for Leticia, Sandra saved her from Pest. Meanwhile, Asuka, Yô, and Jin are trying to figure out the cause of Shiroyasha’s inability to join the game. Ratten, the embodiment of the rats from the Pied Piper of Hamelin and the one who attacked Asuka in the art exhibit, gained control over the citizens of Salamandra using her flute and appeared to Asuka, Yô, and Jin. Asuka uses her authority on Jin and told him to run away with Yô. After beating Asuka, Ratten announced that the game is just getting started.