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Kobato. Episode 4 — Spring Green And The Flutter Of The Heart

Published February 23, 2013
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Kobato meets a sad looking angel Kohaku in the streets and sees her again the next day with the doctor (Shūichirō Kudō) Kohaku loves. Kobato follows her and sees Kohaku's power of rain. After talking to Kohaku, Kobato is determined to make Kohaku and her lover go on a date. Kobato takes part in a lottery to get two amusement park tickets, but ends up with a crocodile doll. She bumps into Fujimoto, who gives her his tickets for the stuffed animal, and she hurries to Kohaku again, giving her the tickets. Kobato is thankful but doesn't get a konpeito because Kohaku's heart wasn't really in any pain. At the amusement park, another angel appears saying that Kobato only has a year before the magic bottle is taken away from her.