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Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? Episode 7 — Someone Might Get All Kissy With Asuka In The Dark?

Published February 22, 2013
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After Yô won the preliminaries of the Battle of the Creators, they are granted an audience with Sandra to talk about the damage caused by Izayoi and Black Rabbit. Since no one got hurt, Sandra decided to let Izayoi and Black Rabbit unpunished, to Mandra disappointment in his hatred for the No Names. After that, they proceed to talk about Shiroyasha’s another request for the No Names, to protect Sandra and slay the demon lord mentioned in the prophecy of the Laplace's demon. According to the prophecy, the demon lord will attack during the Nativity of the Salamander to prevent Sandra to rise in power as one of the Northern Floor Masters. Meanwhile, Asuka got in good terms with the little fairy from a community called "Rattenfänger" and they went to an art exhibit made by various communities. While being amazed by an armor made by Rattenfänger called “Deen”, Asuka got attacked by hundreds of rat. Asuka’s authority didn’t work on them and got saved by Leticia. After that, Asuka return to their inn owned by Thousand Eyes and took a bath in a hot spring to heal her wounds while she contemplates her authority which doesn’t work on the rats. Since her authority doesn’t work on someone stronger than her, Asuka figured out that someone is manipulating the rats and tries to think of a way to become stronger, being jealous of Izayoi and Yô's physical prowess. Black Rabbit is worried of Asuka and joins her in her bath, followed by Shiroyasha and the other girls. After that, they had a meeting, letting Black Rabbit judge the finals of the Battle of the Creators Gift Game the following day. Upon announcement of the remaining participants, Asuka is surprised to see Rattenfänger in the list beside No Name, Salamandra, and Will-o'-the-wisp. Rattenfänger got the attention of everyone. Shiroyasha explained that the Rattenfänger, the one who manipulates rats, is related to a community called the "Pied Piper of Hamelin" who once worked under a demon lord. The stated demon lord once summoned 200 demons and led a community called “Grimm Grimoire” which got disbanded after losing in a Gift Game. Jin further explained the relation of the Pied Piper to the Rattenfänger, detailing its history as being the same person since Rattenfänger is just a German word for Pied Piper. After figuring out its roots, everyone made a conclusion that with the assistance of Rattenfänger, the demon lord of Grimm Grimoire will attack at the Nativity of the Salamander. As they dismissed their meeting, Shiroyasha ask everyone to be on their guard for any spy from Rattenfänger and protect Sandra, making Asuka doubt the identity of the little fairy with her which could be the related to the person who attacked her in the art exhibit.