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Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? Episode 6 — Looks Like The Problem Children Are Participating In A Festival?

Published February 15, 2013
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Asuka had a dream of her days during her confinement at the boarding school in her world where no one can defy her. The members of No Name are invited to a festival called the Nativity of the Salamander to be held at Salamandra, which is located at the North-East district of the Northern region, to celebrate the coronation of their new leader, Sandra Dortlake, the youngest daughter of the royal family of Salamandra and a friend of Jin. Upon being warned by the others to not take part in the Festival due to the high travelling costs of using the Astral Gates, Izayoi, Asuka and Yô decide to go there against the others’ will and to tease Black Rabbit, leaving behind a letter of challenge to her claiming that they will leave the community should she not catch them in a day, angering her. Izayoi and the others sought Shiroyasha’s help in going to the festival. Shiroyasha heard the rumours that the No Name is accepting request of slaying demon lords so she asks them to fulfil her request in making the festival livelier and another one that hasn’t been explained in detail in exchange. But before that, she explained to them the task of Floor Masters which is to maintain order in the Garden and to support other communities. There is also the task of taking down demon lords which is currently the same with the No Name. After accepting Shiroyasha’s request, she took them to the Northern Region. The children are surprised to see the difference in culture from the East. The three are intercepted by a furious Black Rabbit who manages to catch Yô, putting her up in a long lecture. While reflecting on her actions, Yô is approached by Shiroyasha and ask her to join a Gift Game called the “Battle of the Creators” where people with an ability to create competes, knowing that Yô has a creation ability called “Genome Tree” that comes from her wooden pendant. After she heard that she can receive a rare Gift from winning the game, Yô agreed to participate in order to make up with Black Rabbit. Meanwhile, Izayoi and Asuka tour around Salamandra, to Asuka’s enjoyment. As the two had a conversation, Asuka talks about Halloween and looking for Jack-o'-lantern which she doesn’t have enough knowledge due to the after war condition of Japan in her time. It is then revealed that Asuka and Izayoi are from the same world but in a different time where Asuka is from the past while Izayoi is from modern day Japan. Izayoi promise Asuka to hold a Halloween Party in their community’s farmland upon winning more Gift Games and fixing the land. After which, Black Rabbit joined in their conversation and manages to catch Asuka. Being left with Leticia, Asuka continues her tour and got separated from Leticia as she ran after a little fairy. While being chased by Black Rabbit, Izayoi challenge her to a Gift Game where the winner is whoever manages to catch the other and will be granted to make a request to the loser. The challenge ends in a draw, with both being granted a wish from each other, but all the commotion they cause brings the attention of the military police of Salamandra led by Mandra, Sandra’s brother.