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Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? Episode 4 — It Seems Some Pervert Is After Black Rabbit?

Published February 1, 2013
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As Yô is still recovering from her fight with Galdo, Black Rabbit discuss with Izayoi about their next step: to rescue an important friend of hers called Leticia Draculair, a pure-blooded vampire who are known as “Knights of the Garden” and a former Demon Lord who was stripped of her title and turned into a slave. After Black Rabbit leaves, Izayoi is approached by the same vampire who assisted Galdo, who is revealed to be no other than Leticia herself. Leticia explained to everyone why she came. At first she told them that she wanted their No Name community to disband but after Black Rabbit summons the children, they learn from her that she has only helped Galdo to make sure if Izayoi, Asuka and Yō have what it takes to help the community rise again. However, she also reveals that her current master plans to sell her away, making them unable to retrieve her by challenging them on a Gift Game. Asuka told her that she should just hide in their place and not return. Leticia told her that it is impossible because her master keeps track on her movements and knows that she is here and that the Thousand Eyes will crush them if they do. Meanwhile, Shiroyasha learns the same info from her visitor, who happens to be Leticia's current owner, Luios Perseus, leader of the Perseus Community, a part of the Thousand Eyes community. Looking to help Izayoi and the others refine their skills. Leticia challenges Izayoi to a Gift Game, but as she is about to be defeated, Black Rabbit protects her, as she realizes that everything was taken from her including her strongest gift "Lord of Vampires”. Members of Perseus are sent to retrieve Leticia, who saves Asuka from being turned into stone by receiving the beam that was sent at her. In anger, Black Rabbit uses her “Spear of Indra” to attack them but was stop by Izayoi, telling her that they should meet with their leader instead. After Leticia is taken away, Izayoi, Asuka and Black Rabbit has a meeting with Luios at Shiroyasha's place to ask him for a duel. Luios refused them and explained why he decided to sell Leticia. He told them that she is hard to tame and doesn’t suit his taste. Luios takes an interest on Black Rabbit. He offers Leticia in exchange of Black Rabbit becoming his slave. It is further revealed that Leticia gave away her strongest gift, to a demon lord, to meet with Jin and his community. Back at the community, Black Rabbit considers accepting his proposal and argues with Asuka. Yô has recovered from her injury and brought them cookies made by the children to stop their argument. The two accepted the children’s feelings and apologize to each other, dissuading Black Rabbit from accepting the proposal and tries to find a way to have Leticia back without giving Black Rabbit. Izayoi appears with two rare items he obtained by himself. The two rare items are legendary gifts he won from Kraken and Graerae community which granted the holder rights to challenge any community to a Gift Game, which Black Rabbit uses to convince Luios to accept a Gift Game against the No Names and have Leticia as the prize.