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Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? Episode 3 — Sounds Like We're Doing All Sorts Of Stuff In The Bath Together?

Published January 25, 2013
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With the gift from the water god, the water supply of the No Names is restored. Black Rabbit, Asuka, and Yo uses the water to take a bath and had a girls talk. After they took a bath, Asuka and Yo wear clothes from Black Rabbit’s wardrobe which are made by Shiroyasha. Asuka choose to wear Black Rabbit’s elegant scarlet dress which granted the wearer additional defence, although the breast part needs to be adjusted. In the eve of the challenge with Fores Garo, Izayoi stops an attack from Galdo's subordinates and reveals to them that their efforts are futile as all of Galdo's hostages were already killed by him. Before sending them away, Izayoi asks them to spread news about Jin, claiming that he will defeat all of the demon lords and that his community welcomes anyone willing to overthrow the Demon Lords. Jin does not agree with the idea at first, but Izayoi convinces him to think about it since beside the demon lords and other communities will be attacking them, the advantage of their plan will gain them fame and communities who are against the demon lords will ally themselves to them. As Izayoi spoke ill of the former members of Jin’s community whom he said to suddenly disappeared, Jin told him some members of their community were spread into different communities. Furthermore, Jin knows someone from their community who is being used as a reward for Gift Games despite being a former demon lord. Izayoi promise Jin to save that friend of his if they are able to win the game with the Fores Garo. In the next day, the group finds Galdo's house involved in a strange forest by vampire and the rules of the challenge involve defeating Galdo only with a designated weapon. Jin, Asuka and Yô take the challenge and find him transformed in a huge tiger beast, beside a sword in the wall that they recognize as the weapon they need. Asuka orders Jin to escape, but he ends up doing so while carrying her with him against her will. After Asuka manages to stop Jin, Jin explains to Asuka that Galdo is originally just a tiger that learned to assume human form but becomes a monster because of the vampire demon lord’s power. Then, Yô appeared to them and is severely wounded by Galdo. Asuka takes the sword to fight him by herself. While approaching Galdo, Asuka remembered what Black Rabbit had said to her during their girls talk. Black Rabbit told Asuka that she hasn’t mastered her gift yet which she only uses to order people around and that her gift is stronger than she thinks it is because it can be used to order objects and other people’s gift to do her bidding. In the present while Asuka is facing Galdo, she first draws him away from the mansion by setting it into fire and uses her "authority" to control the trees to restrain him and draw power from the sword to defeat him. As Black Rabbit takes Yô to be treated, all of Galdo's slaves are freed with Galdo’s death and Jin renews before them his vow to take down the Demon Lords. Meanwhile, an unnamed man with a black and blond hair arrives at Shiroyasha's place.