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Maria Watches Over Us: Printemps

Maria Watches Over Us: Printemps

マリア様がみてる~春~ MyAnimeList Logo
Premiered Summer 2004
Status Completed
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Episodes 13
Synopsis The spring term is beginning for the students at Lillian Girls' Academy. Friends are reunited, but for the Yamayuri Council, it's a bittersweet time. Yoko, Eriko, and Sei are busy preparing to depart Lillian while Sachiko, Rei, and Shimako are doing their best to ensure that their dear sisters receive a memorable commencement. Sei's departure will leave a sizable hole in the White Roses, and filling it won't be easy. But is there anyone who could appeal to Shimako enough to become the next Rosa Gigantea en bouton? (Source: RightStuf)
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