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Meng Qi Shi Shen

Meng Qi Shi Shen

Ye Jiayao finds herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan. After many twists, she thought that she would finally be able to lead a simple life and achieve her dream of opening ...
Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai Specials

Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai Specials

Special episodes bundled on the first 2 BD/DVD of the anime "Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai".
Ashita e Free Kick

Ashita e Free Kick

Shun Godai is a young boy who likes soccer. But his grandfather, a successful businessman, want his grandson to follow his path...
Ultraman Kids: Haha wo Tazunete 3000-man Kounen

Ultraman Kids: Haha wo Tazunete 3000-man Kounen (Ultraman Kids Looking for Mother for 30000000 Light Years)

Ultraman Kids go on a journey to search for the parents of a main character.
Tetsujin 28-gou (1980)

Tetsujin 28-gou (1980) (The New Adventures of Gigantor)

Shotaro had become an Interpol agent, working with Branch Robo, the antirobot crime unit of that organization. He still employs Tetsujin. (Source: AniDB)
Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go WGP

Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go WGP

After the first season, Retsu and Go have now formed a team called "TRF Victorys" which Tokichi Mikuni, J, and Ryo Takaba are part of. Together, they aim for the World Cup. In this cup, ...
Rockman.EXE Beast+

Rockman.EXE Beast+

Beast+ continues from where Beast left off, though it is marketed as a stand-alone series. Episodes are reduced to approximately ten minutes in length, airing in the thirty minute time-slot Oha Coliseum alongside the Saru ...
Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace

Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace (Dangard Ace)

In order to explore the newly discovered planet, Promethe, there are many projects are running all over the world. Here in Japan, under the direction of Dr. Oedo, "Space Carrier Jasdum" and "Planet Robot Dangard ...


Oishinbo is a drama about newspaper reporters. The main character is a cynical food critic named Yamaoka. Oishinbo is a popular mainstream comic for adults in Japan. It is even mentioned in an episode of "...
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