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Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

After five years of harboring unspoken feelings, high-schooler Taiju Ooki is finally ready to confess his love to Yuzuriha Ogawa. Just when Taiju begins his confession however, a blinding green light strikes the Earth and ...
Enen no Shouboutai

Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force)

Spontaneous Human Combustion: a chaotic phenomenon that has plagued humanity for years, randomly transforming ordinary people into flaming, violent creatures known as Infernals. While Infernals make up the first-generation accounts of Human Combustion, the second ...
One Punch Man 2nd Season

One Punch Man 2nd Season

The second season of One Punch Man.
Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba

Ever since the death of his father, the burden of supporting the family has fallen upon Tanjirou Kamado's shoulders. Though living impoverished on a remote mountain, the Kamado family are able to enjoy a relatively ...
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2 (Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2)

The second part of the third season of Shingeki no Kyojin.
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